I hope to earn your vote to represent our district on the NEW ALBANY CITY COUNCIL. The 2nd District deserves a level of attention and investment that remembers and honors the neighborhoods of my youth and ensures that the children of today and tomorrow will enjoy the same quality of life and of place I experienced growing up.


Our district contains beautiful neighborhoods, including those streets where I learned to walk (Fenwick Drive), bike (Ellen Court), bought my first house and started my family (Finchleigh Drive), and became a grandfather (Dent Avenue).  It has natural corridors that serve as gateways to our city and connectors to the people and places important to our daily lives.

We’ve seen new businesses open and a downtown that has taken steps toward regaining its past glory and charm.  We thank those entrepreneurs who have taken the financial risk and invested in our community.  But we have significant issues to deal with, ranging from a shortage of affordable housing and unmet neighborhood needs to wasteful spending and missed opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of city government. 


As your representative on the city council,


·      I pledge to be accountable and explain the “why” when council decisions are made and “how” it affects our time, talent, and treasure to improve our city.

·      I pledge to do my best to ensure that city government is transparent, and inclusive, in everything it does. 

·      I pledge to be a good steward of our tax dollars.  I have experience in business and government that I think will help.


I ask that you invest a bit of your time to tell me about what matters most to you.  

Scott Stewart


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