Dear Neighbor:

You may recall that I’m running for city council in District 2.  If we haven’t already talked on your doorstep, I hope we’ll have an opportunity soon.  Knocking on doors and connecting with old friends and making news ones has been the most rewarding part of my campaign.  I’ve shared my story of living 35 years in District 2.  I’ve shared my professional experience in government and business. I have stated why I’m running for city council.  But most of all, I’ve listened. 


You are concerned about the divide that prevents officials from working together and about excessive spending.  You are concerned about losing your voice in how decisions are made that affect you.  I believe:


  • City government needs to be known for its transparency.  No surprises.

  • City government must be clear about its spending and its work to spend your money smarter. 

  • City and county government must work together for the benefit of everyone.  We simply cannot afford for government to waste our tax dollars.


It’s sometimes hard to know what we can do as individuals.  But locally, we can do something.  We can spend our tax dollars responsibly.   We can better understand where the money comes from and where it’s going.  We can insist that the city and county work more effectively together.  And we can ensure that we are proud of our city government and the manner in which it serves our citizens. 


It’s time for leadership you can trust and positive change for our city.  I ask for your vote.


Your neighbor,



Scott Stewart



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